Disfrimur expands its fleet with several LNG units

January 20, 2020. Disfrimur, which has been providing quality services to the Spanish agri-food chain, manufacturers, distributors and supermarkets since 1997, has acquired Scania liquefied natural gas (LNG) units that add to its fleet of more than 500 vehicles.

In its search for efficiency and support for the environment, Disfrimur is committed to these Scania trucks that have a 13-liter engine of 410 hp and a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm, powered by LNG and that always work together with Scania Opticruise, the automated gear change system of the brand.

To always keep these vehicles ready, the acquisition is accompanied by a repair and maintenance contract. Likewise, drivers have received training to obtain maximum vehicle performance, perform efficient driving in search of lower fuel consumption and perform simple refueling of LNG in an agile and safe way.

Juan Jesús Sánchez Serrano, General Director of the Disfrimur Group, comments on the reasons for this acquisition: “The fleet continues to be renewed and refined to comply with our motto of transporting more with less, more merchandise with less resources, so it follows in the improvement of load capacity and reduction of consumption and emissions, incorporating lighter and less polluting vehicles for the environment”.

Gas trucks account for more than 15% of the Disfrimur fleet, a commitment to sustainable transport and emission reduction. Juan Jesús Sánchez comments on this: “Disfrimur currently has a large and modern fleet, being a part of it propelled by natural gas, which means a reduction in our emissions of CO2, NOx and solid particles in suspension. Our goal is to promote a business model in which social, economic and environmental improvements are integrated together with responsible and efficient management”.

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