Iveco started the tour of trucks driven to CNG and LNG

The Italian brand is one of the most specialized in the development of vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG), a much more environmentally friendly alternative to diesel and which Iveco wants to install as the best transition to electricity.

The firm belonging to CNH Industrial has a complete range of trucks powered by CNG/LNG and to continue promoting this technology it organized the Natural Power Tour 2018, a caravan that started in Dortmund and will cover the main cities of Germany until October.

This tour comes just a few days after the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany announced that they will grant new financing to purchase units -of more than 7.5 tons- with low CO2 emissions and efficient use of energy. The financing will be 8,000 euros for CNG and 12,000 euros for LNG, with a limit of 500,000 euros per company. This maximum financing value will allow the development of the refueling infrastructure and means the purchase of between 40 and 60 natural gas vehicles by a company, which is a fleet with the perfect size to guarantee a rapid return of the investment in a service station.

Only this year the Ministry allocated some 10 million euros to ensure that this funding program is in force at least until 2020.

In this regard, Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany, said: “We want to help logistics operators to switch to green trucks. Everyone will benefit from the change: transport companies, the environment and residents of particularly polluted streets.”

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