Peruvian Ministry of Energy will promote the use of LNG in vehicles

March 6, 2020. The Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru (Minem) has proposed that direct consumers and agents of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market be enabled to build their own filling stations, in order to use it in their activities.

This is indicated by Ministerial Resolutions No.080-2020-MINEMDM and No.081-2020-MINEMDM, published in local media, which seeks to promote greater use and consumption of natural gas in the heavy duty and passengers transport nationwide.

In consideration of the Ministry, LNG offers greater performance and safety compared to other fuels, in addition to being cheaper and with less environmental impact.

The regulations also seek to authorize the service of mobile stations to dispatch LNG, which will allow the fuel to be moved to the place where the consumer requires it.

Minem has also proposed the creation of a CNG-L Load Control System, in order to regulate the consumption of this type of fuel.

The promotion of the use of LNG will benefit the sectors that use it, since it will favor the emergence of refueling stations that offer gaseous fuel.

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