Scania Australia announces alternative fuel options locally

Scania Australia has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with bio-fuels industry providers to help accelerate adoption of more sustainable and cleaner transport solutions for its customers.

The announcement from Scania follows agreements it has made in recent weeks with Wilmar Bioethanol Australia, Ecotech Biodiesel and the NGV Group who consult for and supply infrastructure to natural gas and biogas.

Over the year the company had held many discussions with several transport related entities said Anthony King, Scania Australia Sustainable Solutions Manager. These have included governments, operators and suppliers.

“Scania is now moving to facilitate the adoption of alternative-fueled vehicles in Australia. We have therefore embarked on a programme of creating MOUs with a number of key suppliers who will supply reliable, consistent and widely available fuels for customers nominating alternative fuels for their future Scania vehicles,” said King.

“This is all part of our drive towards creating a sustainable transport future. Sustainability at Scania is based on the three pillars of energy efficiency; alternative fuels, electrification; and smart and safe transport.”

“Transport contributes a quarter of total energy-related CO2 emissions and it is these emissions that are contributing to climate change. Operators do not have to wait to adapt their businesses to a sustainable transport system – the solutions are already here. Scania can provide a broad range of platforms and services to support our customers today and tomorrow,” said King.

As part of its fuels engine portfolio Scania offers compressed natural gas (CNG), compressed biogas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), bioethanol, biodiesel and HVO and Hybrid + HVO.

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