Jerez to have nine new buses fueled by compressed natural gas

The Government of Jerez, Spain, has approved the award to the company Fraikin Assets of 9 buses powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) Euro 6 model that will be part of the fleet of the Municipal Service of Urban Buses.

After having completed the appropriate procedures in accordance with current legislation and having provided the company with the required documentation in time and form, as the most advantageous offer to such vehicle supply contract through a 10-year lease, Fraikin Assets has submitted a definitive guarantee for these 9 buses cost 156,870 euros (excluding VAT).

The buses, which will arrive via renting to the city next April after their computerized and screen-printed adaptation process, are fueled by CNG, from the Otokar brand and each one is 12 meters long. In this way, with these 18 new buses, almost half of the fleet needed to cover the network of lines (45 buses) is renewed.

The mayor, Mamen Sánchez, underlined “the new impetus that this local government gives to the Urban Bus Service with another 9 sustainable vehicles of the latest generation, in addition to the 9 acquired a few weeks ago. With 18 new buses incorporated into the fleet, the service gains in quality and the buses in worse condition can be removed”.

“The 9 Mercedes Cítaro buses are already on the streets of the city, providing service and we are satisfied by the users for their comfort and accessibility. Jerez deserved quality buses, which are also powered by natural gas,” said Sánchez.

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