Medellín tests two dump trucks powered by natural gas

Through Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM), the pilot was started with two dump trucks propelled by a 100% dedicated natural gas engine, an energetically friendly energy that considerably reduces the emission of substances pollutants versus other fuels. Thus, Medellín advances in the sustainable mobility route and in initiatives that seek to improve air quality in the Aburrá Valley, Colombia.

It is estimated that these vehicles, compared to those that operate with fuels such as diesel, emit 98% less particulate matter (PM), 11% less carbon dioxide (CO2), 64% less combustion gases (CO) and 79% less nitrogen oxides (NOx).

This pilot is part of the sustainable mobility program carried out by the Mayor’s Office of Medellin, the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley and EPM, as part of its efforts to add more green miles in the region, take care of the environment and contribute to a cleaner air for all.

The Aburrá Valley now has an extensive infrastructure for the use of natural gas vehicles, with 17 service stations with its own brand located at strategic points, a fleet of 63 collection vehicles from Emvarias, a subsidiary of the EPM Group, which operate with gas; 339 public service buses, 77 buses of Metroplús, 58.000 natural gas vehicles: 22.000 of public service and 36.000 of private service, 165 natural gas vehicles of its own fleet and three workshops specialized in conversion.

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