Sadeco orders 15 garbage trucks powered by natural gas for Córdoba

The City of Cordoba, Spain, has proposed to make every possible hurry to contract the main projects covered in the Financially Sustainable Investments (IFS) for this year 2018, which were approved at the last plenary session held on August 1. Thus, in less than a week, the Cordoban Consistory has published on its contracting platform the conditions of the first large supply contract: 15 garbage trucks for a maximum value of 5.172.750 euros, including VAT. In total, the IFS this year have 18.8 million expenditure. The biggest chapter is for the purchase of vehicles for both Sadeco and Aucorsa, which suggests that shortly the bases for the acquisition of buses will also be published.

The main characteristic requested by the City Council to suppliers of trucks for Sadeco is motorization. They have to be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of conventional fossil fuels. The average price per unit is just under 350.000 euros.

They are large trucks, with a maximum authorized weight of 26 tons, although the companies that attend may extend this limit as an improvement in their offer. The engine must have at least 300 horsepower and 7.5 liters. The delivery time of garbage trucks, from the signing of the contract, is eight months, which indicates that they should be in the Sadeco fleet by mid next year.

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