AC S.A. named the Promoter of the Polish Economy

The AC company was awarded the title of the Promoter of the Polish Economy at the Eastern Economic Congress during the ceremony held on 4 October in the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Art Centre in Bialystok.

The title is awarded to companies which are successful on international markets, offer innovative solutions, act as ambassadors for their region and contribute to the increased competitiveness of the economy. The AC S.A. company, which develops STAG auto-gas systems, received the title of the Promoter of the Polish Economy. The company provides state-of-the-art solutions for LPG/CNG car systems. Its controllers, as well as complete gas systems can be found in cars driving on the roads of 50 countries of the world, in 6 continents. “It is worth emphasizing that the AC SA company which develops STAG auto-gas systems not only helps drivers to save money, but it also helps to save the environment. Globally innovative implementations of the company help to meet even the strictest exhaust emission standards by cars fueled with STAG systems,” said Michal Lipinski, Director of the “Teraz Polska” competition, when presenting the award. The award was received by Katarzyna Rutkowska, President of the Management Board.

The titles of the Promoter of Poland and the Promoter of the Polish Economy are awarded in individual regions to people and companies whose achievements contribute to the positive image of Poland in the country and abroad. “We want to show the successes of Polish entrepreneurship and the Poles, as well as local successes that should fuel national pride. There are extraordinary things happening in the country, but not all of us have the chance to get through with their achievements. In this way we want to “decentralize” the way of thinking about the Polish success and attract the attention of Poland and the world to the potential of the regions,” says Krzysztof Przybyl, President of the “Teraz Polska” Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation.

This prestigious award confirms the quality and innovativeness of technical solutions offered by AC S.A. It also emphasizes the importance and involvement of the company in promoting the technical thought developed in Bia?ystok on the markets all over the world.

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