French Gas Association is committed to the safety of LNG road transport

The French Gas Association (AFG) published a report on safety and good practices in road transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG). This document represents a strong commitment of LNG suppliers, members of the AFG, with the highest level of safety in their activities of transportation of gaseous fuel for mobility and industrial purposes. The transport companies (EBTRANS, GEODIS, Groupe Charles André), non-members of the entity, contributed to the work and met the commitments in three main points:
– The requirement of the strict application of the regulations in force by the carriers that work with members of the Association.
– The integration in the transport contracts of the same LNG shippers of a series of requirements, in particular in terms of driver training and vehicle equipment.
– And the implementation of actions to monitor compliance with these requirements.

The transport of LNG is a growing activity in France that meets the fuel needs for road freight transport (more than 25 refueling points in the country today), the supply of industrial sites far from the network, and the search for efficient energy solutions with less carbon emissions.

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