Brazil’s first bus supplied with gas generated from the sewer system

The first bus from Brazil supplied with gas generated from sewage was presented at Franca, in the interior of São Paulo, on Monday, November 12, 2018. The vehicle is a Scania K280 6×2 of 15 meters, which is participating in a demonstration made in partnership with Sabesp, the Swedish Embassy and Business Sweden.

The bus belongs to the urban segment and has capacity for 130 passengers. The vehicle with gas engine can be supplied with biomethane (from sewage or other materials) and compressed natural gas (CNG). Also, there is the possibility of being supplied with a mixture of both.

The action integrates the Sweden-Brazil Innovation Weeks, an initiative of the Swedish Embassy with Business Sweden.

According to Elsa Stefenson, project manager of Business Sweden, biomethane gas has been used in public transport in Sweden since 1989. The great challenge in Brazil is the creation of public policies for this type of fuel supply.

Brazil has the potential to produce 51,400 million cubic meters per year of biomethane. “It is an unexplored potential, it is a country with more than 200 million inhabitants producing tons of mud daily, this material is very good for the production of biomethane and the Swedish experience with public transport uses this type of gas mainly”, affirmed Stefenson.

The project manager also stated that there is an intention to apply the use of biomethane in Brazilian public transport. However, she warned of a lack of public policies, knowledge and recognition of this potential.

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