Guadalagua, the concessionaire company of the integral water cycle of the City of Guadalajara, Spain, has acquired a new vehicle powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). This will be used to circulate around the city, in field works such as inspections or readings.

The new vehicle works with the CNG that stores at high pressure in the two tanks installed under the trunk and the rear seats. Only when the gas runs out does the vehicle automatically start running on gasoline. The total autonomy between both fuels reaches 1,190 kilometers.

This vehicle will be able to load its CNG in the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Guadalajara, thanks to the pilot project that Guadalagua has implemented in its facilities, in the hands of Valoriza Agua.

This project is responsible for recycling the gas coming from the digestion of sludge from the wastewater, converting it into fuel for vehicles. For this, it has two differentiated units: a biomethane production unit and a service station.