Shell opens its first German LNG filling station for trucks

Shell opened its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) truck refueling station in Germany. It is located in the south of Hamburg at Georgswerder Bogen, an important refueling spot for freight transport near the Port of Hamburg.

The station has a capacity of almost 30 tons, enabling it to fuel almost 200 trucks per day with the chilled fuel.

“We are driving the diversification of our fuel portfolio through the development of an LNG station network in Germany to offer customers cleaner burning energy solutions that can help reduce emissions”, Thomas Zengerly, Shell’s head in Germany said in the statement.

Hamburg is the ninth Shell LNG filling station in northwestern Europe. The company has already seven LNG filling stations in the Netherlands and one in Belgium.

Shell said it plans to launch up to four additional LNG stations in Germany over the next 18 months.

“LNG plays an important role in the fuel strategy of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure,” Guido Beermann, state secretary in the transport ministry said at the inauguration of the station, adding that “we are pleased that Shell is engaged in building up the tank infrastructure.”

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