Madrid EMT will receive 276 Citaro natural gas buses up to 2020

The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT), Spain, has placed an order to the German Daimler automobile consortium of 276 Citaro buses, of the Mercedes-Benz brand and powered by natural gas, which will be delivered during the next two years.

This is the third order that the EMT makes to Daimler – the second largest – after two years ago (82 units) and 2017 (314 vehicles). The order is composed in its entirety by the model of two doors and 12 meters that incorporate the OM 936 G engine, which operates both natural gas and biogas.

Daimler pointed out that, using natural gas, the bus emits 10% less C02 than a diesel engine, while with biogas it does not emit any amount of this gas. In addition, it is four decibels quieter than a standard bus, so it also reduces noise pollution.

The company has highlighted that with this order the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid will operate in 2020 with 672 Citaro powered by natural gas. Currently, the EMT fleet consists of 2.000 buses, covering 90 million kilometers and transporting 430 million passengers per year.

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