Colombian heavy duty transport begins to use natural gas as fuel

The Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas) celebrated the technical and environmental results obtained in the pilot project that put trucks fueled by natural gas on the country’s roads.

Thanks to an alliance signed by Surtigas and the cargo operator OPL, tests were carried out on the most demanding mountain roads in the country covering more than 50.000 kilometers and a consumption of 28.000 cubic meters of natural gas.

“The trucks managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% and economic savings of more than 35%, which supports the environmental and economic benefits of using natural gas for vehicles. In addition, it is proven that the vehicles that work with this fuel have an adequate performance even in the mountainous areas of Colombia”, explained the president of Naturgas, Orlando Cabrales Segovia.

In the presentation event, the companies Promigas, Surtigas and OPL expressed that the use of natural gas helps to fulfill the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and gives a hand to Colombian transporters who need more competitiveness and achieve cost savings in the operation.

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