Naturgy and Fiat Professional join forces to promote the development of sustainable mobility

Naturgy Mobility Project Manager, Alfonso del Río, and Fiat Professional Brand Country Manager, Raffele Brustia, have signed a strategic agreement between both companies to promote joint innovation projects and expand the use of the natural gas in the field of mobility in Spain.

This alliance will allow the energy company and the automobile company to lead the growth and positioning of compressed natural gas (CNG) as an efficient and alternative fuel in transportation.

Through this collaboration, Naturgy and Fiat Professional will work in different areas for the introduction and commercialization of light commercial gas vehicles.

On the one hand, through official Fiat Professional dealers, as the two companies will create a joint commercial offer for sale to companies with fleets of vehicles, with which they will offer benefits in cars and fuel for renting vehicles and the guarantee of energy supply through filling stations. In addition, training will be offered to its salespersons and the development of natural gas loading infrastructure in its facilities will be analyzed.

On the other hand, Naturgy and Fiat Professional will jointly promote the knowledge of both the advantages of compressed natural gas as fuel and the range of commercial vehicles powered by gas that Fiat markets.

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