First ambulance powered by compressed natural gas in Europe

Iveco has delivered the first unit of its model Daily Blue Power NP, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), to the Spanish emergency transport company Grupo Tenorio, which makes it the first ambulance propelled by this type of fuel in Europe.

The 12 cubic meter van is part of the Iveco Daily Blue Power range, and is the first light commercial compressed natural gas vehicle with eight-speed automatic transmission. It mounts an engine of 3.0 liters F1C, that generates a power of 136 horses and fulfills with the norms of the effective regulation of polluting emissions Euro 6/D, emitting a 76% less of polluting particles and a 12% less of NOx that its diesel version.

Cristian Tenorio, general manager of the Tenorio Group, which has a fleet of 1.000 vehicles, has explained that with the new van they will be able to “take care of the environment and eliminate engine noise”. “In this way we get more comfort for the patients we move,” he added, to later say that the company’s intention is that, in the future, more than 50% of its fleet will be formed by vehicles powered by natural gas.

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