Excellent CNG system performance in off-road cars

Driving a high-power, off-road vehicle can be cheap and ecological without limitations. The European manufacturer of STAG autogas systems has designed a CNG system adjusted to meet the car’s technical specifications and the requirements of the Latin America market. The complete system, made by one manufacturer, passed laboratory tests and drive tests in extreme off-road trips across Peru.

In countries where drivers face exceptionally varied climatic and terrain conditions – from highways in open lands exposed to strong winds, through muddy roads in tropical areas to mountain roads over altitudes of 4000 m, cars must be sturdy and reliable. As they are also economical and environment-friendly, such cars are highly-sought after, ideal solutions.

Why Toyota FJ Cruiser?

   The Toyota FJ Cruiser was selected for its large, 4L fuel-guzzling petrol engine. The car was designed for the Latin America market, so you won’t find a loud Diesel engine here. The car is powered by a 4 L, 6 cylinder petrol V-engine, generating horsepower close to 249 hps and maximum torque of 377 Nm at 3700 rpm. Thanks to the full range of autogas components, the manufacturer was able to install a complete STAG system in which all the elements guarantee the excellent work and performance of the vehicle. The main components of the CNG system included: STAG QMax Plus controller, STAG ACW03 injectors and STAG CNG ACR14 reducer.

Dedicated and complete CNG system

   When converting a car to alternative fuels, it is essential to install a complete set of components supplied by the same manufacturer. Working on an autogas system delivered by one manufacturer allows the correct calibration and reliable operation, as well as product quality control. Over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry means that the STAG brand is responsible for delivering products of the highest quality. International consultations and continuous research in the internal Research and Development Center has resulted in STAG being a synonym for safety in the industry all over the world.

The road test which was performed by the Toyota FJ in the varying road and climatic conditions of Latin America, allowed the European leader of autogas systems to obtain necessary information and experience. The excellent performance of the car confirmed the unique quality of the STAG CNG system, which is sold on global markets. More details can be found at: http://www.ac.com.pl/es

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