Finland plans a national program to develop bioNGV

March 3, 2020. The Finnish government has published a national program to promote the production and use of biogas, which aims to accelerate efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to transportation.

If, in essence, the use of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) fits well in reducing the environmental impact of transport, the production and use of biogas can further reduce the carbon footprint of mobility. In fact, digestate (by-product of the fermentation of the components used during biogas production) can be used to make fertilizer products and nutrients usable in agriculture. Therefore, waste has a second life, which greatly reduces its carbon impact.

The plan proposes that pilot projects be developed and that agricultural and rural enterprises be encouraged to produce and use biogas. Particular support will be given to the production of manure and other for agricultural biomass. In addition, the rules for the resale of biogas will be simplified to facilitate distribution.

Matti Oksanen, director in charge of biogas at Gasum (the main Finnish natural gas supplier), is delighted: “The value of renewable biogas has been recognized and together we have been able to develop a plan that covers the production, distribution and recycled nutrients and fertilizers created at the end of production. The integration of several sectors helps us to ensure effective emission reductions and preserve the competitiveness of biogas in the coming years.”

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