Gasum receives investment grants for biogas plant and refueling stations

January 2, 2019. Finnish gas company Gasum has received investment grants for the construction of a new biogas plant and four gas refueling stations for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs).

The grants – SEK 32 million (€3 million) for the new refueling stations and SEK 158 million (€15 million) for the biogas plant – provided by the Swedish Climate Leap initiative, Klimatklivet, will support the development of the Nordic gas ecological unit. The Klimatklivet initiative was launched to support efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Sweden by switching to clean energy.

The four new biogas refueling stations will be built in eastern and western Gothenburg, Malmö and Halmstad, and will be operational from 2020. The new biogas plant is currently under construction in Götene and will utilise manure as a feedstock to generate LBG. Biofertilisers generated at the plant will be certified as organic.

“Klimatklivet is essential in supporting our journey towards a carbon-neutral society,” said Mikael Antonsson, director of Traffic at Gasum Sweden. “Without the grant, we wouldn’t be able to build these new stations in Sweden. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of gas in Sweden and now is the time to invest in clean energy solutions.”

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