GAZ Group releases its first LNG-powered city bus

September 24, 2020. Based on the manufacturer’s flagship model, the LiAZ-5292 powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) offers up to 300 kilometers of range on a full tank.

Until now reserved for heavy vehicles and ships, the use of LNG is gradually entering the field of passenger transport. While Scania is already developing LNG for its coaches, the Russian manufacturer GAZ Group has just lifted the veil on a first application for city buses. Far from being limited to a simple concept, the LiAZ-5292 LNG has already received all the necessary approvals for its entry into service. Without going any further, a first phase of tests has already begun in Chelyabinsk, Western Siberia, before the launch of a first pre-series in the fourth quarter of 2020.

With a low floor and designed to carry up to 106 passengers, the GAZ LNG bus has a standard length of 12 meters. Equipped with the same level of equipment as its thermal equivalents, it has a 375-liter LNG tank that, placed at the rear, offers a range of more than 300 kilometers with a full tank. Produced in Russia, the 6-cylinder YaMZ-536 engine offers 312 horsepower and meets the Euro 5 standard.

Considered one of the leading manufacturers of gas vehicles in Russia, GAZ already has a particularly wide range, including buses, light commercial vehicles, trucks and special machines. With this new LNG-powered urban model, the manufacturer is adding a string to its bow and looking to meet new potential needs.

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