H Parkinson adds 460 hp natural gas trucks

November 28, 2020. H Parkinson Haulage has added seven 460hp Iveco Stralis NP CNG 4×2 12.9-litre Cursor 13 tractor units to its fleet.

They replace seven equivalent 400hp 8.7-litre Cursor 9 models and the move follows 30 months of running the latter, lower-powered versions, each of which has covered 550,000km, leading the firm to proclaim itself one of the first United Kingdom operators to rack up more than half a million km in individual gas trucks.

Supplied by Walton Summit Truck Centre in Preston, they are used for 160-mile daily trips between an RDC in Chorley, Lancashire, and a production plant in Barrow-in Furness, transporting toilet roll.

They are in service 24-hours a day on multi-driver shift patterns pulling a total payload of 8 tones on 15.6m curtain-sided Longer Semi Trailers carrying up to 60 pallets.

Refueling takes place at CNG Fuels’ Leyland gas station, half a mile from the Chorley RDC, and the 460 hp trucks are said to have the longest oil-change intervals in the industry, at 90,000km.

“Our gas trial has been a true partner approach and Walton Summit’s gas knowledge, advice, support and service around the clock has been invaluable,” said HPH director Steve Sugden, “being one of the first operators to adopt gas power has proven a positive experience and we are confident our Stralis NPs have had a neutral impact on the environment.”

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