HAM and Lipigas build Chile’s first LNG station

October 21, 2020. HAM Chile, a subsidiary of Grupo HAM, has been chosen by Empresas Lipigas for the design, construction and commissioning of the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station in Chile. The establishment will be located at the facilities of Transportes San Gabriel, Linares, Maule Region, very close to Ruta Cinco Sur (Pan-American Highway in Chile), which is part of the main land communication artery in the country.

The project has been possible thanks to Lipigas’ commitment to vehicular liquefied natural gas, with the aim of contributing to sustainable development through the design of efficient energy solutions that help its customers in the challenge of reducing their environmental impact and that thanks to this fuel  will be able to reduce CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and fine particles.

The new service station will allow the continuous supply of LNG to a fleet of 30 trucks from Cervecera AB InBev Chile, which will be incorporated into Transportes San Gabriel’s land transport fleet. The vehicles, which reduce harmful emissions to the environment, will enable fuel savings of over 20% compared to other less environmentally friendly fuels.

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