European gas industry group points to bigger role for renewable gas

March 18, 2019. A grouping of European gas grid operators said there was a bigger role than thought for renewable gases to play in Europe’s decarbonization efforts, with infrastructure needed to allow for some 270 Bcm/year of green gas usage by 2050.

Under the umbrella of the Gas for Climate initiative — formed in 2017 to analyze and create awareness about the role of renewable and low-carbon gas — the TSOs said existing infrastructure could be used to transport cleaner gas in the future.

A study by consultancy Navigant — commissioned by Gas for Climate — published Monday found that the use of some 270 Bcm of biomethane and hydrogen in existing infrastructure across the EU would save Eur217 billion/year by 2050 compared with an energy system using a minimal amount of gas.Current EU gas demand is some 500 Bcm/year.

A previous study commissioned by Gas for Climate published in February last year by Ecofys, which is now part of Navigant, concluded that green gas use could reach some 122 Bcm/year, consisting of 98 Bcm of biomethane plus 24 Bcm of renewable hydrogen.

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