Iran oil company invests in CNG conversion of public transport

September 12, 2020. Over 20,700 gasoline-powered public transport and commercial vehicles have so far been converted into compressed natural gas (CNG) hybrids, as per the nationwide scheme initiated by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) in late May.

According to NIORDC, the scheme offers free conversion services to drivers of taxis and public transportation vehicles in the first phase.

Based on the data, 128,000 car owners have applied for the conversion and the eligibility of 46,500 has been confirmed. The authorities expect around 700,000 applications in the first phase of the scheme.

The second phase will envisage the conversion of private passenger vehicles used for offering ride-hailing services.

According to the officials, the scheme’s long-term goal is to convert 1.46 million gasoline-powered vehicles into CNG-hybrids on a phased basis.

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