Iveco and Scania expand their range of vehicles to NGV in Argentina

March 9, 2020. On the occasion of the most important agro-industrial open-field exhibition in Argentina, Expoagro, Iveco and Scania presented their current offer of vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and biogas.

Iveco made the first product launch in the year. With a decade of leadership in the truck market of more than 16 tons, the firm continues to incorporate natural gas units. In 2019, the company presented its Natural Power range for the first time at Expoagro, the first CNG commercial vehicles in the country. On this occasion, it launched the commercialization of the Tector CNG made in the country.

“A year ago we marked a milestone in Argentina with the launch of the Natural Power range. This line responds mainly to a change in the energy matrix in our country. We continue to offer our clients a more profitable and ecological solution for their operations” added Francisco Spasaro, Commercial Director of Iveco Argentina.

The latest generation of the Natural Power range has the highest technology, design and implements equivalent to its diesel version with a benefit of between 40% and 50% in reducing fuel costs.

Scania, for its part, exhibited its Green Efficiency line of gas and biogas trucks and engines, designed with the aim of achieving the lowest operating cost and reducing C02 emissions by 20%.

“One of the benefits of natural gas trucks is profitability, since the operational cost decreases up to 30%,” said Andrés Leonard, CEO of Scania Argentina. In this sense, he explained that the firm’s engines are capable of operating with a “totally natural, sustainable and renewable” fuel source for energy generation, such as organic waste, and he remarked: “Gas solutions are an ecological alternative to diesel and help to strongly reduce the carbon footprint.”

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