The Copa del Rey comes to Seville in a natural gas SEAT

May 23, 2019. The Copa del Rey already awaits Barcelona and Valencia in Seville. The trophy was the first to arrive at the venue of the final and did it after traveling the 595 kilometers that separate Madrid from Seville in a SEAT car fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG).

With an autonomy of 400 kilometers, the vehicle only had to make a stop to refuel and the cost of the trip was only 21 euros. With a car of these characteristics, CO2 emissions are reduced by 25 percent with respect to a gasoline car.

The Copa del Rey trophy, which measures 78 centimeters and weighs 9 kilos, traveled in the trunk of a SEAT Arona TGI, the first SUV in the world to integrate this alternative fuel. The driving sensation of a CNG car is the same as that of a gasoline car, in terms of performance and power.

The trophy arrived at the Benito Villamarín stadium in Seville after traveling 595 kilometers, with a fuel cost of 21.20 euros, which represents a saving of 30 euros compared to the same trip in gasoline mode.

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