Lidl Italia expands its fleet with 35 Iveco S-Way bio-LNG vehicles

The 35 Iveco S-Ways trucks powered by bio-LNG add to the 5 Stralis CNG 460 HP delivered in 2020.

May 3, 2021. Collaboration on the sustainable logistics front continues between Lidl, Iveco and LC3. Green fleet vehicles will supply Insegna’s Lombard and Veneto stores. With bio-LNG, the reduction of CO2 emissions will reach up to 95% and will allow the circular use of resources.

Just over a year after the launch of the first 5 vehicles powered by biomethane, a renewable and sustainable fuel both in terms of CO2 levels emitted and life cycle emissions, Lidl Italia, a supermarket chain with more than 680 points of sale in the country, together with its partners Iveco and LC3 Trasporti, announces an important expansion of its fleet.

In fact, 35 Iveco S-Ways powered by bio-LNG add to the 5 Stralis CNG 460 HP delivered in 2020. A tangible sign of how, despite the contingent situation, investment in increasingly sustainable logistics remains a priority for all actors involved in the project. The new green vehicles will be used at the Lidl logistics platforms in Somaglia (LO) and Arcole (VR), thus supplying the Lombard and Veneto stores in Insegna.

Luca Ros, Director of Logistics at Lidl Italia, commented on this new step in favor of an increasingly ecological logistics: “Our long-term objective is the decarbonisation of transport and this expansion of the fleet to bio-LNG is an important step towards the goal. Last year we were the first Italian retail company to use biomethane-powered units, today we are the large organized distribution company with the largest bio-LNG fleet in Italy. A tangible example of how, even at a time as complex as the one we are experiencing, logistics continues to play a central role in Lidl’s sustainability policy”.

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