May 26, 2020. As a new partner to the Federal Materials Testing and Research Laboratory (Empa), Lidl Suisse will experiment with the use of synthetic gas to run their trucks.

While the goal of supplying all of its stores without fossil fuels by 2030 has been set, Lidl is taking another step toward using natural gas as vehicle fuel. After investing in liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution infrastructure as part of its “Goodbye Diesel” program, the retailer has just announced a partnership with Empa to experiment with synthetic gas produced from renewable energy, which will go to the propulsion of their trucks.

Announced a few weeks ago, the Empa project seeks to experiment with a new type of gas-fired power system using renewable surplus electricity to produce synthetic gas. Without specifying the amount of the investment, Lidl said it supported the project “up to a six-figure amount.”

“By the end of 2022, we will be able to supply a company truck with 100% non-fossil local fuel. This will allow us to gain initial experience with this technology and pave the way for sustainable logistics,” said Ueli Rüger, head of the Lidl logistics center in Switzerland.

“The CO2 emissions from long-distance and freight transport are very significant. We are delighted to have found at Lidl a new partner committed to the transport of goods without fossil fuels,” adds Brigitte Buchmann, a member of Empa’s management and head of the mobility, energy and environment department.”