Liquefied natural gas trucks reduce emissions

September 24, 2019. NGVA Europe wanted to point out the conclusions of the T&E study that indicated that liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks pollute the air up to five times more than diesel trucks.

From the European Association of Natural Gas Vehicles they remind T&E that they forgot to include in their analysis a 2018 report of the TNO R11448, which deals with exactly the same vehicles and shows the reduction to a sixth of the NOx compared to diesel.

They also highlight that an experimental campaign with extensive measurements on the road for a period of 2 years showed that natural gas trucks emit between 40% and 60% less NOx compared to their diesel equivalents.

Regarding particle emissions, they consider that T&E confuses PM (Mass of particles) with PN (Number of particles). “The reduction in PM is 95% compared to diesel, as certified by public approval data,” said the heads of NGVA Europe.

Regarding greenhouse gases, this European organization highlights that the T&E conclusions do not reflect the measures indicated in the TNO reports. “The TNO R10193 report shows an 8% reduction in CO2 in spark ignition engines, which rises to 20% in engines with HPDI (High Pressure Direct Injection) technology. When studying the usual use of LNG trucks on the highway, the emission reduction is even greater: 10% for spark ignition engines and 22% for HPDI,” they say.

“It is not a surprise to read that the future must be of zero emissions, with electric batteries and/or hydrogen vehicles. But we have to combine it with available solutions that today can meet the needs of the user and those of the market, being also affordable and accessible,” explains NGVA Europe.

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