Mendoza releases its first bus that runs 100% on CNG

November 17, 2020. The first public transport unit that works only with compressed natural gas (CNG) in the entire country was presented in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. The bus will be on trial in some tours provided by the Mendoza Transportation Society (STM) for approximately 60 days and passengers will be able to travel for free, so they can learn about the amenities it offers.

“It is a bus that only in carbon dioxide saves 70% of emissions compared to diesel. It is also an energy issue since Mendoza and Neuquén are large producers of gas to be able to generate in public transport, which is the second activity that consumes the most energy in the country, CNG consumption which is a pending matter in terms of energy and environment”, explained the Secretary of Public Services, Natalio Mema.

For his part, the head of the Mendoza Transportation Society, Daniel Vilches stated: “This is the first test of this type in motorization in Argentina and we are grateful to the Corven company that has chosen STM as the first national experience accompanied by the will of the Provincial Government to scale up and improve the provision of transport service every day and lower the cost of the system, because here there is an economic contribution that is linked to reducing the cost of fuel and of course an environmental gain”.

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