Michoacán trusts NGVs as an alternative for cleaner air

April 7, 2020. Vehicle conversion to natural gas is an option to improve air quality and reduce emissions of polluting gases to the environment in Michoacán, Mexico, which is promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Change and Territorial Development (Semaccdet), assured Ricardo Luna García, head of this state agency.

This vehicle conversion process replaces the use of gasoline as fuel, not only in public transport vehicles, it can also be done in private use cars, Luna García said.

The official reported that having natural gas as a fuel reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 30% and also generates an average saving of 35 to 40% with respect to the expense made when charging the vehicle with gasoline.

“It is important that every day more citizens and owners of public transport know this type of less polluting alternatives to the environment, in these times where breathing cleaner air is a factor for the prevention of respiratory diseases and complications in chronic diseases among the population”, mentioned the politician.

In 2018, a project was promoted in Morelia, in coordination with the municipal administration, so that 631 taxis and 441 vans could make this change. In total 1.134 vehicles benefited from this process.

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