Minas announces exemption from taxes for cars fueled by CNG

May 24, 2019. Governor Romeu Zema signed a decree to encourage the use of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) in Minas, Brazil. According to the document, the new vehicles, manufactured in the State, whose propulsion engine is moved to natural gas, will have special benefits, such as the exemption of the payment of the Tax on the Ownership of Motor Vehicles (IPVA).

For this, the installation must be done in the same year in which the vehicle is manufactured and certification by the Inmetro is mandatory. The measure was announced during the meeting of the Governor with representatives of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), in Betim, in the metropolitan region of the capital.

The association foresees that the multinational company will manufacture vehicles with engines predisposed to the use of CNG and biomethane.

Fiat will offer technical personnel so that, together with Gasmig, it can seek promotion of innovation and technological alternatives based on the testing and use of CNG and biomethane.

The availability of the manufacturing structure, laboratories, operative and technical equipment will facilitate the maximization of energy efficiency of the fuel, seeking, for example, the development of lighter, alternative materials and low-cost solutions. All the logistics necessary to carry out the supply of vehicles with natural gas will be carried out by Gasmig.

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