Munich airport tests climate-neutral biogas bus

August 21, 2020. Munich Airport, Germany, has put into operation a new CO2-free passenger bus with an innovative driving concept. The vehicle works with the “CMF Drive” system from “CM Fluids”.

With the “CMF Drive” technology, the company intends to combine the advantages of a conventional combustion engine with the advantages of an electric motor. The bus is powered by liquid biogas that powers an engine. The energy generated in this way is temporarily stored in a small backup battery, which supplies electricity to the unit’s electric drive shaft.

Especially on passenger buses with long running times or frequent starts and stops, the advantages of the “CMF Drive” system should pay off, as the braking energy can be recovered and also temporarily stored in the backup battery.

In contrast to a purely electric motor, fleet operators also benefit from a long range of up to 800 kilometers and fast refueling. This means that around 500 liters of biogas can be refueled in five minutes. Furthermore, compared to conventional diesel buses, pollutant and noise emissions are significantly reduced.

“We have an ambitious goal of constantly reducing CO2 emissions at our airport and bringing them to zero in the long term,” emphasizes Jost Lammers, CEO of Flughafen München GmbH. “To achieve this, we are implementing a large number of CO2 saving measures. This also includes the conversion of our vehicle fleet to renewable energy. CM Fluids’ innovative drive concept fits in perfectly with our claim to break new ground in technology in the service of climate protection.”

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