Natural gas is an integral part of the sustainable recovery of the European Union

May 5, 2020. Gas Naturally, the entity that brings together seven associations from across the European gas value chain, presented a statement warning that gas remains a crucial solution during the current crisis caused by Covid-19, thanks to its affordability and security of supply, but also provides solutions for a sustainable economic recovery.

According to the association, the pandemic has unleashed an unprecedented global socio-economic crisis, which affects all citizens and sectors. While the energy sector is under extreme pressure from the coronavirus, the gas value chain continues to deliver low-emission energy to European industries and to millions of citizens on and off the grid.

It understands that, while the crisis is primarily human, the economic consequences are of great importance and raise several questions about the future strategic industrial capacity of the European Union, essential for economic recovery. In this framework, it ensures that gas is the main source of energy for the local industry, and a crucial element in the transformation of sustainability.

According to GasNaturally, thanks to its contributions to reducing emissions in all sectors, as well as creating quality jobs, combined with its affordability and reliability, gaseous energy has a key role to play in sustainable recovery packages aligned with the objectives of the EU Green Agreement.

Therefore, it calls on the European institutions and the Member States to produce natural, renewable and decarbonised gases, as well as a safe and affordable energy supply as a central pillar of sustainable recovery plans.

Among other points, it emphasizes the strategic importance of the decarbonisation of transport. In 2017, 27% of total EU-28 greenhouse gas emissions came from this sector (22% if international aviation and maritime emissions are excluded). CO2 emissions from transport increased 2.2% compared to 2016. Natural gas, LPG, decarbonised and renewable gases represent a fast and easily available way to complement efforts to decarbonise transport and logistics. For the association, recognizing its role within sustainable recovery measures is the best way to ensure a quick restart of a safe and efficient system that supports the mobility of European citizens and the logistics of business.

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