New company will promote natural gas-based buses in Mexico

April 13, 2020. With the aim of renovating urban transport units, which will mean a great contribution in solving major pollution problems in cities, in addition to improving the quality of service by providing greater comfort to users, it was born in Mexico the first natural gas-powered bus assembly plant, whose units will reduce its operating cost by 40% and can be purchased under attractive financing schemes.

As a result of the merger between Golden Star 4000 in Mexico and Zhong Tong Bus in China, this assembler arises whose construction has already begun in the municipality of El Carmen, Nuevo León. It will be the first plant in the country to develop units with ecological technologies, mainly natural gas, as well as electric and hydrogen.

This assembly company will bring multiple benefits, since in addition to generating jobs and activating the economy in the region, it provides a great environmental contribution because it reduces the pollution currently generated by public transport, since natural gas engine technology reduces up to 80% nitrogen oxide emission and 95% in particulate matter, compared to gasoline and diesel powered vehicles.

This assembler whose extension of land oscillates the 570 hectares plus its management yards, will have an initial investment of 240 million euros and will bring great benefits, since only in the construction of its first stage it will generate 1,400 direct jobs and estimates 2,800 more at the moment to go into operation.

The construction project will last 3 years and, once the work is completed, it will have the capacity to manufacture 4,800 units per year that is projected to be commercialized in the Mexican and Latin American markets.

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