NGV is the cheapest fuel in Rio de Janeiro

May 17, 2020. Natural gas for vehicles (NGV) is today the most competitive and economical fuel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, compared to others. Taking into account the average prices charged at service stations, those who use NGV can save up to 51.3% per month in relation to gasoline; or 58.5% with respect to ethanol. On May 1, the natural gas rate for NGV decreased by 7.7% in the Ceg area (Metropolitan Region) and by 8.8% in the Ceg Rio area (interior of the state).

Today, a popular car covers approximately 14 kilometers with 1 cubic meter of NGV, 7 kilometers with 1 liter of ethanol and 10 kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline. To suppress this competitiveness, NGV should cost twice the value of ethanol, depending on the current marketing units: gasoline and ethanol in liters and CNG in cubic meters.

In addition to being cheaper, NGV is also less polluting: it emits 25% less carbon dioxide than gasoline. And those who choose this fuel are entitled to a 62.5% discount on the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA).

To help calculate efficiency and savings with the use of natural gas in cubic meters, Naturgy offers an economy simulator on its website. In addition, the driver has a mobile application that indicates the location of CNG filling stations, as well as to clarify myths and verify safety advice.

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