Oldenburg relies on MAN CNG city buses

September 10, 2020. VWG Oldenburg continues to rely on MAN’s natural gas buses in Germany: 15 new MAN Lion’s City 12 G with EfficientHybrid technology ensure greater economy and, thanks to biogas, greater protection of the environment.

“When the new MAN buses brake, it is a real benefit for us,” says Michael Emschermann, Managing Director of Verkehr und Wasser GmbH (VWG) in Oldenburg. MAN engineers have developed the reason for this: the new MAN Lion’s City 12 G EfficientHybrid has an on-board crankshaft starter generator that converts the recovery energy produced during braking into electrical energy. The MAN EfficientHybrid module thus makes a significant contribution to further reducing fuel consumption. “In addition, the standard stop-start function ensures almost silent stop phases at bus stops and traffic lights,” adds Michael Emschermann.

The intelligent energy management of the EfficientHybrid module uses the energy stored in the UltraCaps, which is created through recovery during braking, to power the on-board network. Since the stored electricity is also used while driving, the natural gas engine has to generate less power and fuel consumption is further reduced.

The 12.2 meter long Lion’s City from Oldenburg has the E1856 LOH 6-cylinder natural gas engine with 280 hp (206 KW) and the Votih D854.6 Sensostop automatic transmission with on-board retarder. The new natural gas vehicles with Euro 6 engines are practically emission free. This means a significant improvement in air quality, especially for the city of Oldenburg. Another plus: newly developed natural gas engines consume significantly less fuel than previous natural gas buses. “By using biogas as fuel for our vehicles, we, as providers of public transport services, are actively contributing to climate protection in Oldenburg,” explains Emschermann.

Oldenburg’s natural gas buses save around 9,500 tons of CO2 per year.

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