Peruvian Ministry of Energy offers financing for CNG conversions

August 14, 2020. Owners of private vehicles in Lima, Callao, Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Junín and Ica may choose to use compressed natural gas (CNG) in their cars through the BonoGas Vehicular, an initiative that it will allow them to finance the conversion process through a loan with interest of 3% per year and up to 5 years to pay.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines ratified that the BonoGas Vehicular offers the possibility that private and public transport drivers, who have vehicles of category M1 in the aforementioned regions, can obtain savings of more than 60% in fuels; given that CNG it has a much lower cost than gasoline.

To access this benefit, interested users must go to any of the 110 authorized BonoGas Vehicular workshops in the regions where the program operates.

The initiative, which has been reactivated since July after a few months of suspension due to the health emergency, is financed through the Social Energy Inclusion Fund (FISE) administered by the Ministry.

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