Peruvian public transport to convert to natural gas

October 30, 2020. The Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru (Minem) signed an inter-institutional agreement with the Urban Transportation Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU), so that the massification of natural gas, a priority State policy for the government, joins the transportation reform process.

The agreement signed by Minister Miguel Inchaustegui, on behalf of Minem, and by María Jara Risco, as head of the ATU, will allow both entities to join forces in order to promote projects that allow the replacement of traditional fuels by natural gas, an economical, clean and environmentally friendly fuel.

Through this alliance, the Minem seeks to implement the expansion of the BonoGas Vehicular program, to finance the vehicular conversion of public transport buses to use natural gas instead of diesel, a measure that will make possible a saving of more than 50% in the fuel cost.

“We trust that this agreement will become the cornerstone that underpins the process of massification of natural gas in transportation, allowing access to low-cost energy for transporters and the replacement of diesel by a clean and friendly fuel to the environment”, declared the Minister.

The BonoGas Vehicular program will operate by facilitating the obtaining of loans to transportation companies to finance the change of engine from diesel to natural gas. This credit can be paid in up to 5 years and will have an interest rate of no more than 1.6%.

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