Two LNG mobile stations for Lidl Switzerland start up

July 3, 2019. The HAM Group, through its subsidiaries HAM Cryogenic and Vakuum, has been responsible for designing, building and commissioning, two mobile units of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Switzerland.

With the acquisition of these two mobile units by Lild Switzerland, the objective is to achieve, together with its transport partners KMT, Krummen Kerzers and Thurtrans, a sustainable logistics, which allows freight transport where fossil fuels are not used. The equipment supplied has a capacity of 40 cubic meters and “saturation on the fly” technology, which allows providing liquefied natural gas to the different truck brands in the market.

During the opening of LNG mobile stations, Georg Kröll, CEO of Lidl Switzerland, said he was satisfied with the opening of the first liquid natural gas service station in the country, as it is an important step towards the sustainability of the company, which will be able to supply its stores without using fossil fuels by 2030.

The supply of LNG with the two mobile units of Grupo HAM will allow Lidl Switzerland to enjoy the following advantages: reduce CO2 emission by 15% (20% in the case of HPDI diesel engines), 35% the emission of oxides of nitrogen, 95% the emission of fine particles, 50% the noise of the engines in comparison with the gasoline engines, as well as achieving an autonomy of 1.500 km.

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