Russia to develop natural gas vehicles mobile refueling

July 12, 2019. The conversion of vehicles to natural gas is increasing its pace. Starting from 2019, under decision by the Russian Government, subsidy mechanisms have been introduced for market participants both at the federal and regional levels. As a result, an increasing number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation are moving towards the introduction of transport tax benefits for owners of methane-based vehicles.

Due to the active position of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, car manufacturers are expanding the model range of methane vehicles. In addition to a wide range of trucks, buses and special-purpose vehicles, the market has also welcomed natural gas-powered cars.

RariTEK recently presented the ‘PAGZ’ Mobile Automobile Gas Filling Station – a pilot project to address the problem of lack of gas filling infrastructure in small Russian cities, where there are no stationary natural gas filling stations.

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