Scania delivered its first CNG truck in Argentina

August 19, 2020. Scania delivered the first gas-powered truck to QBox, the logistics, international trade and transportation company in Mercosur. It is the first vehicle of the Green Efficiency line in Argentina.

It is a R410 4×2 CNG unit, whose engine, designed and produced specifically to run on gas, allows a 40% saving in operating costs compared to diesel, has a range of up to 500 kilometers, and is the first of 5 units that acquired QBox. This model, belonging to the new Scania generation, has a cabin designed and developed to offer less wind resistance and achieve an extra reduction in consumption, meaning a substantial saving in operating costs. In addition, each unit generates 20% less CO2 emissions and 50% less noise emissions.

“As a signatory to the Global Pact, we are committed to the development of an increasingly sustainable transportation system”, said Andrés Leonard, CEO of Scania Argentina, and remarked: “the gas solution, in addition to being innovative, efficient and profitable, it is an ecological alternative to diesel and helps to strongly reduce the carbon footprint”.

For its part, Qbox SA, within the framework of its strategic development plan, has decided to incorporate and implement this new equipment, adhering to the high international standards of sustainability. “We are convinced that the planet requires immediate measures. It is our responsibility to contribute to environmental care and we are proud to be the pioneers of this new technology never seen before in our country. We want to thank Scania. We are very happy to be part of this great alliance, which thinks about the next generations”, said David Canteros, President of the company.

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