Scania participates in the first natural gas corridor in Mexico

May 14, 2019. To put it into operation as part of the public transport corridor in the capital of the state of Puebla, Scania Mexico delivered 37 buses (of which 25 are articulated and 12 registered), equipped with Euro VI certified natural gas engine.

The importance of the configuration of the powertrain of these vehicles for passengers is that it emits five times less noise than those equipped with a diesel engine, in addition to the reduction in emission of polluting particles.

By highlighting the importance of this technology, Enrique Enrich, general director of Scania Mexico, assured that the use of natural gas has turned out to be ideal for public transport due in part to the price of fuel (reduced and more efficient), given that it decreases the cost of operating the fleets.

He announced that the Swedish firm recently signed an agreement to put into operation in Colombia, during the period between 2019 and 2020, a fleet of 481 buses with natural gas engines. In the city of Cartagena operates a fleet that runs on natural gas.

The executive said that in addition to countries in Latin America, in other nations (Great Britain, the United States -California-, several Asian and European), natural gas remains the cleanest, most economical and viable alternative for its use in vehicles for urban mobility.

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