Scania sells the first 100% CNG and biomethane truck in Fenatran

October 18, 2019. Scania announced the sale of the first truck with compressed natural gas (CNG) and biomethane engines during Fenatran 2019 – 22nd International Road Freight Transport Exhibition.

The R 410 model was acquired by RN Logítica, from São Paulo, and will be used on the São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro route to transport products from the French firm L’oreal.

The reduction of CO2 emissions can be up to 15% compared to a similar diesel if it works with CNG, and up to 90% if the fuel is biomethane.

“Alternative fuel vehicles, such as natural gas, will play a key role in the transition to a more sustainable transport system. Scania leads this transformation and is committed to supporting its customers with cost-effective solutions that contribute to sustainability in the economic, environmental and social spheres,” says Roberto Barral, vice president of commercial operations for Scania in Brazil.

“RN Logística has a very strong appeal in the environmental issue. It is a path without return, everyone will need to migrate to more sustainable solutions and, like Scania, we are committed to it. We expect to achieve 30% fuel savings and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Our partnership with Scania is recent, but it is increasing and we can talk about new business in the next few days,” explains Rodrigo Navarro, commercial director of RN Logística, which has among its clients, in addition to L’oreal, Samsung, HP, Nestlé, Starbucks and others.

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