Colombian heavy duty transport examines NGV advantages

March 28, 2019. This is the Green Cargo Transportation project, which has been carried out on the country’s roads for seven months. The idea was to test the power of cargo vehicles dedicated to natural gas and thus determine the fuel savings and the lower environmental impact.

The results, according to a statement from Gases de Occidente, are a 25 percent reduction in fuel costs; 550 kilometers of autonomy; 90 percent mechanical availability and 30 percent less CO2 emissions.

The operation of these vehicles occurred thanks to the alliance between Arintia, representative in Colombia of the Chinese manufacturer FAW; the operator OPL, logistic operation company in heavy load; and Gases de Occidente, natural gas distribution company in the Valley and North of Cauca.

“This project, thanks to which five vehicles with a proven load capacity of 33 tons and autonomy greater than 500 kilometers, is mobilized, points to one of the most important purposes of the natural gas chain in Colombia: the use of clean technologies that contribute to the improvement of the environmental conditions of the country,” says a statement.

The initiative was activated based on an evaluation of success stories in other countries -specifically in Peru- where more than 300 heavy gas trucks operate 24/7 with runs of more than 800.000 kilometers, “demonstrating that the technology works with fully reliable technical performance in topographies similar to the Colombian one. In the country, the tests carried out covered the two busiest routes: Cartagena-Bogotá and Caloto-Bogotá-Cartagena”.

The balance says that the trucks traveled more than 40.000 kilometers on the roads of the country transporting cargo for companies such as Essentia, Postobón, Huevos Kike and Home Center, demonstrating that they can operate without problems under the conditions of the Colombian topography and mountainous areas.

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