SGN introduces natural gas heavy duty vehicles to the Dominican Republic

November 28, 2019. Soluciones en Gas Natural (SGN) brought to the country the first cargo trucks that operate with that fuel, thereby integrating the ecological fuel into its value chain, and betting on sustainable development goals through of affordable and non-polluting energy.

According to Miguel Guerra, General Manager of SGN, with this initiative the company seeks to improve air quality, trying to eliminate the air pollutants that a conventional truck can emit, with the intention of mitigating global warming, by reducing 30% of CO2 emissions and drastically reducing noise pollution throughout the journey.

Thanks to the trust of customers, SGN became the leading distribution company for this fuel in the country, so they want to continue investing and educating the population about the benefits of natural gas in the long term.

The SGN executive said that developing countries cannot think about progress without changing dependence on oil derivatives. “All the reports of international organizations recommend a change in the energy matrix, in order to achieve sustained industrial growth,” he added.

The vehicles operate at one hundred percent with natural gas, which provides significant savings in economic resources. The mileage reached by trucks with that fuel is around 800 kilometers, allowing them to reach from Santo Domingo to anywhere in the country.

The current fleet of five trucks runs from Punta Caucedo port to Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, Bávaro, San Francisco and San Cristóbal. This represents a saving of around 50% compared to diesel, and in this way the company has managed to save about four million pesos this year.

In addition, maintenance can be extended from five thousand to 15 thousand kilometers. SGN started its natural gas distribution operations in the country ten years ago, considering it the fuel of the future.

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