ST Engineering unveils LNG powered catamaran design

May 15, 2020. Singapore’s ST Engineering has launched a new design for a dual fuel LNG-powered catamaran fast crew boat optimized for crew transfer in the offshore sector.

ST Engineering’s marine arm developed the 76 meters long catamaran in a collaboration with Australia’s marine engineer Incat Crowther.

The vessel will feature four dual-fuel engines with a maximum speed of 40 knots and a cruising speed of 34 knots.

ST Engineering said in a statement that the vessel will utilize a wave-piercing semi-SWATH hull form and seating for up to 150 passengers. The catamaran can also be used as an accommodation vessel for up to 30 people in single cabins.

“The accelerated development of medium speed dual fuel and pure LNG engines has created some exciting possibilities in the design of cleaner and greener ships”, said Michael Bell, senior vice president of ST Engineering’s marine arm.

“Despite the physical limitations of large LNG tanks, the overall functionality that can now be accommodated in large platforms has redefined comfort and safety, whilst still maintaining the speed expectations of traditional high-speed diesel engines”, he said.

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