Sugar beet transported with bio-CNG trucks in the Netherlands

October 17, 2020. Transport companies Cosun Beet Company and Darvi Transport will be pioneers in sustainable road transport. Darvi has started Cosun’s sugar beet campaign with three new Iveco S-Way NP models that run 100% on bio-CNG. This enables the parties to reduce CO2 emissions by 90%.

At the end of last year, the Cosun Beet Company, formerly Suiker Unie, received a prestigious accolade, namely the first FNLI award. This allows the company to call itself a pioneer in the food industry for one year. This award, which was awarded by the Dutch Federation of the Food Industry to Ad Jansen, a member of the logistics staff of Cosun Beet Company, was a supreme achievement and an additional sign that the company is on the right track. The Iveco S-Way NP with 460 hp and 2,000 Nm of torque makes a direct contribution in this direction, so that the Cosun Beet Company can eventually become the most environmentally friendly beet processor in the world. Darvi Transport makes a significant contribution to this, because it has been running on biogas since 2011 (at that time only mixing the dual fuel vehicles). With the purchase of three Iveco S-Way, the number of 100% gas vehicles has increased to five units. All of them are refueled with the own biogas produced by Cosun Beet Company.

Darvi Transport’s Iveco S-Way NP is in keeping with the sustainability of Cosun Beet Company. For example, the new bio-CNG trucks do not have exhaust gas recirculation or active soot filter. They are equipped with a passive self-cleaning soot filter, so the filter element only needs to be changed after 450,000 km. Iveco S-Ways also feature high-speed predictive shifting. This allows the vehicle to proactively shift gears based on geographic information, allowing the truck to automatically select the correct and most efficient gear.

Darvi Transport has once again opted for the direct drive XK18 bulk compressors with air coolers, because it combines high performance with the desired low fuel consumption. Also, the company has good experience with bulk compressors already supplied by Gardner Denver and mounted on CNG trucks.

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