100% natural gas or electric taxis will not have traffic restrictions in Bogotá

August 12, 2019. Smart taxis that are 100% electric or natural gas powered will not have traffic restrictions within the framework of the “pico y placa” measure, reported the Mobility Secretariat of Bogotá, Colombia.

The initiative was approved in order to encourage sustainable mobility. In addition, it seeks to reduce pollution and vehicular congestion.

In order for the taxi to benefit from this policy, it must meet three conditions: use digital platforms, be registered in the Driver Information and Registration System and have exclusively electric propulsion engines or dedicated to natural gas.

With the exception, it is intended to motivate taxi drivers to use 100 percent clean energy. Therefore, those gasoline engines converted to gas will not be covered under the measure.

“With this decision we want to encourage the transition to the provision of taxi service using environmentally sustainable technology platforms. Making this announcement in the month of the taxi driver fills us with reasons to continue improving the quality of service in the city, as has been the purpose of the administration of Mayor Enrique Peñalosa from the beginning,” said the Mobility District Secretary, Juan Pablo Bocarejo.

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