Toulon receives its first natural gas powered buses

March 4, 2020. Committed to the acquisition of a fleet of 50 natural gas buses, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Toulon Provence Méditerranée (TPM) has just put into circulation the first units.

In total, the Métropole TPM received 17 natural gas vehicles in January. The first was put into service on February 26 on line 18. Operated by the Mistral network, this new fleet will circulate in March in the western sector of the territory. About 15 standard buses will be divided between lines 18 (Sablettes Toulon Blache), 8 (La Seyne – Toulon Blache) and 12 (Ollioules – La Seyne), while two articulated models will be assigned to line 1 that connects Beaucaire and Coupiane.

Parallel to the deployment of this new fleet, the Métropole TPM has equipped its warehouse in Brégaillon with refueling infrastructure. Putting into operation at the end of January, the station has 58 dispensers of slow full-load in 5 hours and 2 fast-load pumps capable of supplying up to 20 buses per day in a few minutes.

Operating today with a 50% biogas mixture, these vehicles will finally run on 100% bioNGV thanks to the biomethane produced by local treatment plants.

For the Metropolitan Area of ​​Toulon Provence Méditerranée, the entry into service of these natural gas buses is part of an order for 50 vehicles whose deployment will be gradual.

Beyond the CNG solution, the city also acquired two Alstom electric units and ordered 47 hybrid vehicles, including 26 articulated ones, which will join the 27 buses that are already in service.”

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